Past Crew

Jerry Rees, Jeff Stringer, Bobby Roch, Richard Roch, John O'Leary, John Holmes, Duke of Athol, Rees Holmes, Ray Harris, Fred Ward, Micheal Eynon, Roger O'Callaghan.

Jerry Rees, Brian Brown, Tony Stewart, Rees Holmes, Roger O'Callaghan, Micheal Eynon, John Holmes, Danny Richards

Back Row: Jimmy Lynas, J. Mirehouse, ?, Alan Buckle, Bobby Roch, ?, Jerry Rees, ?, Brian Brown, Dai Fisher, John O'Leary.

Front Row: Tony Richards, Micheal Eynon, Ray Harris, Fred Ward, Danny Richards, Richard Roch, Jeff Stringer, Dai Lawrence.

Back Row: Brian Brown, John O'Leary, Fred Ward, Jerry Rees, Gerald Edwards, Roger O'Callaghan, Micheal Eynon,Tony Ward, Tony Richards.

Front Row: Jimmy Lynas, Jeff Stringer, Richard Roch, Dai Fisher, Ray Harris, Derek Richards, Danny Richards.

Back Row: Peter Hewitt, Micheal Eynon,?, ?, Gerald Edwards, ?, Roger O'Callagahan, ?, John O'Leary,?

Front Row: Jeff Stringer, Fred Ward, Tony Ward, Jerry Rees, Dai Lawrence, Ray Harris, ?

Back Row: Jeff Stringer, Dai Lawrence, Richard Roch,

Front Row: Tony Ward, Roger O'Callaghan, Jerry Rees, Danny Richards

Elizabeth Elson Crew 1929

Coxswain James Watkins, Motor Mechanic Edgar Rees, Second Coxswain David Phillips, William Watkins, Jack Watkins, Lenny Breeze, Alfred Watkins, Tommy Greathead

Back Row: Bobby Roch, Roger O'Callaghan, Jerry Rees, Dai Lawrence, Gerald Edwards, Danny Richards, Richard Roch, Adam Stringer.Middle Row: Frank Penfold, Derek Richards, Tony Ward, Adam Seaton, Julian Hammond. Front row: Micheal Eynon, Dai Fisher, Jeff Stringer.

Back Row: Bobby Roch, John O'Leary, Danny Richards, Fred Ward, Bertie Roch, Gerald Edwards, Roger O&aposCallaghan, Richard Roch, Tony Ward.

Front Row: Jeff Stringer, Derek Richards, Jimmy Lynas, Micheal Eynon, Dai Fisher, Dai Lawrence, Jerry Rees.

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