In November 1867 Inspecting Commander Harvey R.N., of the Milford Division of coastguard, wrote to the RNLI headquarters in London asking for a lifeboat station within the Milford Haven. On Thursday 5th December 1867 it was decided to form a lifeboat station at Angle.

A stone boathouse with a wooden slip was built at Angle Point to house the first lifeboat, "Katherine",at a cost of £170-14-0d, and was initially known as the Milford Lifeboat Station.


Our Station

During 1926 with the announcement that Angle's first motor boat the "Elizabeth Elson" was to be built, work began on the construction of a new boathouse and deep-water slipway to the west of the existing boathouse. This was completed at a cost of £20,000, and on January 10th 1929 the first motor lifeboat "Elizabeth Elson" arrived on station. This boathouse went on to house the "Richard Vernon & Mary Garforth of Leeds" 1957-1987 and then the Tyne Class "Lady Rank".

In 1990 major structural problems were found in the lifeboat slipway and also in the substructure of the boathouse. It was decided to build a completely new, larger boathouse alongside the existing one.

A new access road to the boathouse was also built when work began in May 1991. It proved an awkward site to work on, most of the plant and materials used by the builders, Christiani & Nielsen of Cardiff, had to be brought in by sea

But by July 1992 the new boathouse and slipway was completed and the Lady Rank was re-housed during a ceremony on September 19th 1992. The boathouse was officially opened by the wife of the managing director of Christiani & Nielsen, Mrs Christine Anstead.

In 2009 work to adapt the boathouse and slipway was completed, and we took delivery of our new Tamar Class Lifeboat "Mark Mason"in March that year.

In 1887 with the arrival of a new boat the "Henry Martin Harvey" a longer slipway was built, 200 feet in length, at a cost of £610. This boathouse then housed "Charlotte" 1906-1910 & "Henry Dundas" 1919-1927.

The steam driven"James Steven No.3" & then No.11 were placed on the mooring.

In October 1892 at a meeting of the RNLI committee of management, the official name of the station was changed from Milford to Angle, Milford Haven