At Angle lifeboat station the following awards have been made:

Framed Letter of Thanks 1

Thanks of the Institution Inscribed on Vellum 2

Bronze Medal 5

Silver Medal 7

The following are some of the details:

After the rescue of the crew of The Loch Shiel on Christmas Eve 1895 Major R.W.B. Mirehouse , J.P. and Lifeboat men Edward Ball and Thomas Rees, were each awarded a Silver Medal by the RNLI.

The Honorary Secretary of Angle Lifeboat Station, Colonel Mirehouse,was awarded the RNLI's Thanks on Vellum for his considerable help in a difficult rescue in 1893

James Watkins - Bronze Medal 1929, Silver Medal 1943, Bronze Medal 1945

William Rees Holmes - Bronze Medal - on the 5/6 August 1973 the lifeboat gave help to and stood by the tanker "Dona Marika" of Monrovia, Liberia aground at Wooltack Point, Lindsway Bay. Medal Service Certificates were presented to all other lifeboat men involved, Second Coxswain Gerald Edwards, Assistant Mechanic Michael Eynon and Lifeboatmen Anthony Stewart, Roger O'Callaghan and William Watkins.

William Rees Holmes - Thanks on Vellum - on 6/7 December 1976 The Lifeboat with waves constantly breaking over her stood by the tanker "Leonidas" of Greece which was in difficulties about two miles West of St. Annes Head in a Southerly storm with hail and thunder and a very rough sea .Vellum Service Certificates being presented to the other members of crew, Second Coxswain Brian Brown, Assistant Mechanic Michael Eynon, Second Assistant Mechanic Anthony Stewart and Lifeboatmen Peter Jones and Daniel Richards.

William Rees Holmes - Bronze Medal - On the 1st December 1978 the lifeboat rescued the crew of three of the fishing vessel "Cairnsmore" which had an engine failure and was in tow of the tug "Barracuda" and in danger of capsizing five miles South West of the Hats and Barrels Rock in South Easterly storm and heavy breaking seas.

Jerry Rees - Bronze Medal - When the Lifeboat rescued the crew of four and saved the motor vessel "Dale Princess" which was being driven onto a sheer cliff in North Haven, Skomer Island by gusting gale force winds and heavy seas on 5th May 1997. Framed Letters of Appreciation were presented to the remainder of the crew, Mechanic Michael Eynon, Second Coxswain Daniel Richards, Assistant Mechanic Adam Stringer and Lifeboatmen David Lawrence, Bernard Jonker, Roger O'Callaghan and Derek Richards.

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